Experimental production site for the bioactive substances (micronutrients)

The enterprise works on production and use of sorbent for the cleansing of anthocyan concentrates, which are perspective as natural antioxidant dyes for food and pharmaceutical industry.  The enterprise developed a technology for the production of anthocyan dyes. It uses nanosorbents by the method of sorbate concentration and allows not only cleanse extracts from the extractives, but also concentrate dyes. The dyes are extracted from plant materials of the Belgorod region (ribes, sambucus, chokeberry and raspberry etc.) and other regions of Russian Federation.

Raw material Antocyan composition
Chokeberry Cyanidine-3-galactoside,
Cyanidine -3- arabinoside,
Cyanidine -3- xyloside,
Cyanidine -3- glucoside,
Cyanidine -3,5- diglucoside
Ribes Cyanidine -3- glucoside,
Delphinidin -3- glucoside,
Cyanidine -3- rutinoside,
delphinidin -3- rutinoside
Hibiscus Cyanidine -3-О- sambubioside,
Delphinidine- 3-О- sambubioside Delphinidin,
Delphinidin -3- glucoside,
Cyanidine -3- glucoside
Aronia Cyanidine -3- galactoside,
Cyanidine -3- arabinoside,
Cyanidine -3- glucoside
Prunus Cyanidine -3- rutinoside,
Cyanidine -3- glucoside,
Пеонидин-3- rutinoside,
Пеонидин-3- glucoside
Sambucus Cyanidine -3- sambubioside,
Cyanidine -3- glucoside

Сompetitive advantage
The major advantage is using of natural materials as sorbents. It allows producing the high purity dyes with extended storage period. After 6 month of storage at RT, the integrity of the dye is no less than 70%, and the loss of anthocyans is no more than 10%. The new technology (cleansing through the stage of solidphase concentration with natural clays as sorbents) allows to cleanse 95% and more extractives.  

Application area 
Anthocyan concentrates are used as bioactive components in dyes for many functional food products: Антоциановые концентраты используются в качестве биологически активных компонентов и красителей для получения целого ряда функциональных продуктов питания: soft drinks, marmalade, jelly and other confectionary products. Anthocyan dyes are also quality colorants and antioxidants with high preservation qualities for pharmaceutical products, especially in pediatric medical drugs.  The anthocyan concentrates can be used as BAA components. 
Condition and method of functional food products’ production (marmalade and hard sauce) (know-how).
Authors: V. Deineka, N. Myachikova,  M. Lapshova, M. Babich, L. Deineka.

New functional food products which, in customary use, can provide a delivery of daily value of phylloxanthin and anthocyans in the organism.  These food products can be made with the existing technological equipment. Выпуск этих продуктов питания можно производить на существующем технологическом оборудовании. The bioaccessibility of bioactive substances from these products is her than BAA’s.  

Techno-economic advantages
There are no functional food products, enriched with these bioactive substances on the Russian market.

Application area
Food industry and Chemical industry

Address: 308015 Belgorod pr-t. Vatutina, 15, ap. 59
Director: D. A. Deineka
Phone: 8-903-887-41-75

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