Specialists from Germany, India and USA told students about modern pharmaceutical industry

The VI International Science and Practice conference “Pharmaceutical claster as integration of science, education and industry” took place at BelSU Institute of Medicine.

An internet seminar with pharmacy specialists from German, India and USA took place as part of the teleconference. Representatives of 19 international and Russian universities and 3 pharmaceutical enterprises took part in it.

The speakers of the seminar became: Leon Kogan - Abbot company (USA), Eugeniya Chudesnova - АО Veropharm (Russia), Pankaj Ramesh Khandaitkar, Tapasya Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. (India), Jean-Yves Balfin KORSCH AG company, (Germany), Matt Powers and Steve Tayler, Thomas Engineering company (USA).

The specialists told about novelties of pharmacy industry, innovational research and its results. They consider this format as one connecting scientists from various countries.

  BelSU Institute of Medicine