Academic mobility via SCOU program

The student of BelSU Institute of Economy Anna Voronova took a course in Karaganda Economical University (Kazakhstan) under the academic exchange program.

The student of BelSU Institute of Economy Anna Voronova became a participant of academic exchange program and has studied in Karaganda Economical University (Kazakhstan) for half a year.  She took part in scientific life of the university, made several reports at various conferences, participated in the second scientific and practical seminar “Social, economic and legal issues and strategies of tourism development in central Kazakhstan” and round-table conference “Ways and problems of resistance to ISIS”, where Anna presented a “Sources of ISIS funding” report. She made scientific research at the theme “United Nations: Global Diplomacy in a Changing World” and addressed at the international science-to-practice conference, dedicated to 70th anniversary of UN.   

Besides the studying and research activities Anna became experienced culture, traditions and and places of interest of Kazakhstan: National Museum of Kazakhstan Republic (Astana), museum of The First President of Kazakhstan Republic (Temirtau), Museum of political victims and depressions KarLAG (Dolinka) etc.

 Tatiana Veryovkina, photo by Institute of Economy