Open access to information – the search of consensus between state and society

BelSU will become the ground for the realization of all-Russian project dedicated to intellectual property.

At the 17th of March BelSU will held a round-table conference “Open access to knowledge and cultural values” where the leading Russian scientists, intellectual property specialists, journalists and young researchers shall discuss the problems of intellectual property and cultural values. This conference is a part of “The Public Domain” project by Association of Internet publishers, supported by Presidential Executive Office and the Ministry of Communications and Mass media of Russian Federation. An important part of the project is the discussion of intellectual property in science and education with Russian scientific community, intellectual property defense, copyright laws in scientific publishing and the results of Association’s research.

The conference is going to take place at 11:00 in BelSU Dissertation Council Hall (room 3-33, 17 building).

 BelSU PR Department