Diagnostics of Nanomaterials’ Structure and Properties Common Use Centre

The BelSU Common Use Centre for Diagnostics of Nanomaterials’ Structure and Properties was founded in 2007 as a part of the Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies Science, Education & Innovation Centre. Since 2009, it functions as a substantive subdivision of the Belgorod State University.

Main lines of activity

The Centre provides its equipment for supporting research conducted by enterprises which carry out projects under federal target programs, and also to other organizations which use scientific equipment, allowing to employ modern methods of material physics.

The Centre also provides its equipment for training staff for working with state-of-art scientific equipment,

The Centre organizes and hosts research-and-technology conferences.

Structure of the Centre
  • Laboratory of electron microscopy and X-ray analysis of crystal structure
  • Mechanical testing laboratory
  • Analytical control laboratory
  • Test technological area

List of services provided
  • Mechanical testing of metals and alloys,
  • Analytical control of element composition and chemical makeup,
  • Studying phase composition and crystal structure features,
  • Defining nano-particles’ geometric size,
  • Training staff for working with scientific equipment,
  • Elaborating procedures of measurements of parameters for nano-industry production.

CUC’s equipment user enterprises
  • Energomash, CSJC (Belgorod, Russia).
  • ENHA, LLC (Belgorod, Russia).
  • Skif-M, LLC (Belgorod, Russia).
  • Monocrystall, LLC (Belgorod region, Russia).
  • Lebedinsky GOK, OJSC (Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, Russia).
  • VEROPHARM, OSJC (Belgorod branch, Russia).
  • Russian Nanotechnologies, OJSC (Moscow, Russia).
  • RIF Corporation (Voronezh, Russia).
  • VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation (Verkhnyaya Salda, Sverdlovsk region, Russia).
  • Bochvar All-Russian Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (Moscow, Russia).
  • NT-MDT Co. (Zelenograd, Russia).
  • Ural Research Institute of Composite Materials, Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Perm, Russia).
  • KurskSpecTorg, LLC (Kursk, Russia).
  • OK, LLC (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and others.

Primary research areas
  • Developing process-basis for producing and complex assessment of nano-sized powders of metals, metal oxides, and semiconductor substances with reproducible properties based on solvothermal synthesis and sol-gel technique,
  • Construction and functional ZrO2- or Al2O3-based ceramic materials,
  • Thermoelectric three-dimensional nanocomposites,
  • Hardening and wear-resistant coatings.

Top Priority Areas within which research is conducted
  • Nano-systems and nano-materials industry
  • Energy efficiency, power saving, nuclear power industry.

Metrological support, certification, assessment of conformity of production to nano-industry
  • Carrying out tests in certified laboratories (Certificate No РОСС RU.0001.518253 of 25.01.2011, listed in Unified register of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology),
  • Participating in the Nanosertifica voluntary certification system for nano-industry production, partnered by the RUSNANO Group,
  • Developing and certifying various measuring procedures :
    • FR 1.27.2009.06761 measuring procedures for geometrical dimensions of nano-particles by means of transmission electron microscopy,
    • FR 1.27.2009.06763 measuring procedures for thickness of thin coatings (from 10 nm), e.g. film coatings, layers, by means of raster electron microscopy of crossing cuts, prepared by ion beams,
    • FR 1.27.2009.06762 measuring procedures for particles in suspensions, emulsions and aerosols in nanometer and colloid ranges, employing dynamic light scattering effect.

Analytical equipment
  • Quanta 200 3D scanning electron/ion microscope
  • Quanta 600 scanning electron/ion microscope
  • JEM-2100 transmission electron microscope
  • NTegra Aura Scanning Probe Microscope
  • ARL X’TRA X-ray diffraction meter
  • SDT Q600 simultaneous TGA/DSC/DTA analyzer
  • Nicolet 6700 Fourier Transform IR/Visible spectrometer
  • Olympus GX51 optical microscope
  • The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ OPTIM'X WDXRF Spectrometer
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER high-performing optical emission spectrometer (OES)
  • The ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec universally applicable laser particle sizer
  • TriStar 3000 surface area analyzer
  • AutoPore IV 9500 Automated Mercury Porosimeter
  • DM 8B AUTO automatic microhardness tester
  • DIL 402 C/4/G dilatometer for thermo mechanical analysis of horizontally held probe
  • Dielectric properties measuring equipment system

Testing equipment
  • INSTRON 5882 universal testing machine
  • Instron 8801 Servohydraulic Fatigue Testing System .
  • 300LX-B1-C3-J1C universal freestanding hydraulic testing machine
  • High-speed R. R. Moore rotating beam fatigue testing machine
  • ATS materials high temperature creep testing machine
  • 402MVD Knoop/Vickers Microindentation Tester
  • 600MRD Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • 3000BLD Brinnel Hardness Tester
  • CSM Instruments High-temperature Tribometer
  • REVETEST® instrument for measurement of scratch resistance and adhesion

Processing equipment
  • EPSI CIP 400-200*1000 Y cold isostatic pressing (CIP) machine
  • Nabertherm VHT 8/22 GR vacuum oven
  • RS20 disk vibration mill
  • Solvothermal synthesis equipment for nano-powders production
  • SPS-25/10 spark-plasma sintering equipment

Address: 2A Koroleva Street, 308034 Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 585415
Head of the Centre
Professor Oleg Ivanov,
Doctor of Physico-mathematical Sciences

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