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The tech park

The “BelSU High-Tech solutions” Tech Park.
It was created for development of high-tech branch of the regional economy and commercialization of the regional scientific and technical potential.
The Tech Park creates arrangements for the development, manufacturing, and introducing of BelSU innovational high-tech products to the international market. 

Innovational sites of the Tech Park:
  1. “Space, geoinformation and informational and telecommunicational technologies of territorial social-economic development management”
  2. Common use center “Federal and regional center of aerospace and ground monitoring of objects and environmental resources”
  3. “Nanotechnologies and nabomaterials in medicine, biology and pharmacy” 
  4. Common use center “Health-saving technologies” 
  5. “Science-driven technologies of creation and processing of nanomaterial for technical use”
All Centers are provided with modern scientifical and technological equipment. The equipment is maintained by highly qualified professionals, who underwent special domestic and international training.

Tech Park’s specific units:
  1. The Material Quality Specification Center
  2. The Innovative Consulting Center
  3. The scientific, technological and forecasting Center
  4. The Informational and Exhibition Center
  5. The Tech Park’s small innovative enterprises.