Cito-instrument BelGU

Small innovative enterprise
OOO «Nauchno-proizvodstvennoye predpriyatie «Cito-instrument BelGU»
Was founded in 2011 

The field of work
Production of microcapillarys for assistive reproductive and cellulated technologies  
Innovative solutions
  • Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-BPT» for directing body’s biopsy 
  • Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-ISP» for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-USK» for retention of suspended cell 
  • Capsular microholder  (doesn’t have world analogues).

Application area
Realization of cellular technologies with the cells of plants and animals (microinjections of various substations inside the cells, manipulations with bioplasts), cell surgery, genetic engineering, assisted reproductive technology. Besides, there micro instruments can be used in the work with microorganisms including viruses. 
Сompetitive advantage
Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-BPT» facilitates takeoff and moving of directing body through the capillary, saving the nativeness of its coats.
Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-ISP» facilitates germ cell’s moving through the capillary, saving the nativeness of its coats; upgrades the quality of germ cell’s integration into the ovocyte.
Microcapillary «CAPILLAR-USK» increases fixation power of a suspended cell, upgrades the quality of integration/removal of biological objects or matter inside/out of a suspended cell. 
Capsular microholder allows to fixate the cell without negative pressure use, and helps to avoid the damage while holding it.  As distinguished from the common microcapillary holder it has a semi-spherical extension at its point. Diameter of the semi-sphere may vary depending on the research object and is selected individually. 

  • Winners of an open contest «START-2013» line Н2 («Medicine of the future») of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.
  • Semi-finalists of StartUp Village (Skolkovo, 2014).
  • Passed the first stage of Russian startup contest GenerationS in the line of BioTechMed. Project presentation  – August 2014 года.
Address: 308002, Russia, Belgorod, 
Director:  Sergei Nadezhdin
Incorporated Engineer: Nikolai Pavlov
Phone: 8-903-887-1155
Fax: (4722) 33-95-98

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