Small innovative enterprise OOO «SMT-BelGU»
Was founded in 2012.

The field of work
Robotic systems of terrain aeromonitoring.  
Photo surveying of terrains and objects from the aircrafts. 

Innovative solutions
The enterprise produces a high-tech innovative product – remotely piloted multi-rotor air platforms (multicopter) for photo and video surveying of terrains and objects. 

Application area
The robotic systems of terrain aeromonitoring can be used:
  • by law enforcement units, FRS; 
  • by media and PR industry; 
  • by energy and building companies, manufacturing plants and agricultural enterprises

Products and service
  • Development of the robotic systems of terrain aeromonitoring , monitoring and control of remote objects. 
  • The services of photo surveying of terrains and objects from the aircrafts with the very small mass.  
  • Creation of digital models of terrain and relief  (DMT, DMR).
  • Creation of 3D GIS
Сompetitive advantage
  • High professionalism of company employees in the field of geoinformational systems, cartography, electronics, programming and development.  
  • ООО «SMT-BelGU» was founded by the  affinity group with a positive long-term cooperative  research experience. The team consists of university representatives and professional industrial workers. 
  • The own industrial base for the production of multicopters with 3-8 lifting rotors. 
  • The staff assembles the air drones manually, programming and debugging them, performs the repair of any complexity promptly. 
  • The component parts from the leading global producers  are used in the multicopters’ manufacturing process. 
  • The multicopters are equipped  with flying security system (GPS/GLONASS, height and proximity sensors), locus autopatch sustem and emergency alerting system. 
  • There is no need for special clearances, because the multicopter’s mass and flight level is too small to cause hindrances for aerial vehicles. 
  • The existing pool of multicopters allows the wide range of services for aeromonitoring of objects and terrains. 
  • The detailed aerial survey allows to calculate quality digital models of terrain and relief.  
  • The set of textures and precise data about its location resulting from the processing can be used for automatized creation of realistic 3D models of terrain compartments.  

Address: 308023, Belgorod, pr-t. Bogdana Hmelnitskogo. 86, corp. B, office 63
Director: Andrei Zissman 
Phone/Fax: 8 (4722) 34-64-18, 8-915-574-4116.

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