Small innovative enterprise OOO “Nanosorbent-BelGU” 
Was founded in 2010.

The field of work
Research and organization of multiple-nutrient mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers’ production for agricultural sector.

Innovative solutions
The enterprise developed the structure and production methods for multiple-nutrient mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers’ production for agricultural sector  based on sugar production plants’ wastes, ashes from burning of organics, and ashes from burning of litter mass with the using of flotation sludge (wastes of poultry plants and slaughter houses).

Application area
Agrobusiness, agricultural enterprises, personal small-holdings.

Products and service
The enterprise propose for consideration the production technology of multiple-nutrient granulated organo-mineral fertilizers with nutrient excess to improve an ecological situation in Belgorod region and in Russia. 

The enterprise offers a research work for refining the structure and production methods of multiple-nutrient granulated organo-mineral fertilizers, using agricultural enterprises’ biowaste.

Сompetitive advantage
  • Effectiveness of multiple-nutrient granulated organo-mineral fertilizer based on ashes from burning of litter mass and flotation sludge depends on availability of the feedstock at the enterprise, minimal transportation costs, high content of the basic chemical elements and structural capabilities of granules.
  • Granulation of ash allows decreasing dust production level in manufacturing and placement process. Besides, desalination of nutritional agents’ decrements and its structure becomes closer to soil. It also decreases potential active alkaline influence on plants.
  • Combustion products are free of pathogenic germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Effectiveness of using phospho-potassium calcium fertilizer provides:    
  • Improvement of ecological situation of the region; 
  • Rational usage of the wastes, such as ash from burning of litter mass and flotation sludge; 
  • Restoration of humus and optimal provision of balanced feeding of agricultural plants with phosphor, potassium, calcium and various macro- and microelements for getting an eco-friendly agricultural production;
  • Restoration of optimal soil acidity provides fertility.
Based on the findings about content of basic chemical elements such as phosphor, potassium and calcium, the application rate of aforecited granulated organo-mineral fertilizers should be from 400 to 500 kg for 1 hectare. That will, after pre-estimate, will raise a crop yield by 15 %.

Granulated fertilizer
  • Convenient for applying for plowing and cultivation of large areas, and also on individual farms and at household plots; 
  • eco-friendly; 
  • nontoxic, not fire hazardous, do not cake; 
  • perpetual useful life; 
  • raise the immunity of  vesture to unfavorable factors of medium and diseases; 
  • reduces harvest terms. 
ООО «Nanosorbent» is a constant participant of trans-regional fairs “ Small & Medium Enterprise in Russia’s reviving ”, “Innovations. Investment. Nanotechnologies”, «Business for business», «BelgorodAgro». Was a recurrent winner of diplomas, following its results. 

Address: 308023, Belgorod, Mikhailovskoye shosse. 2b
Director: Gennadiy Frolov 
Phone: 8-952-422-67-23

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