Elektronnye systemy BelGU

Small innovative enterprise OOO «Elektronnye systemy BelGU»
Was founded in 2011.

The field of work
Development and production of microelectronics.

Innovative solutions
  • Power efficient light fitting; 
  • Light controlling systems; 
  • Power equipment protection systems. 
The enterprise produces modern microelectronics on a high-tech level.

Application area
  • Power efficient industrial lighting; 
  • Electrical equipment protection; 
  • Remote data gathering and remote equipment control. 
Products and service
  • Development and introduction of power sufficient lighting systems of buildings, roads and industrial facilities based on private hardware and software;
  • Development and production of smart sensors and data gathering systems through the 0,4 кВ networks, and electrical equipment protection devices. 
Сompetitive advantage
  • Private microelectronic lab and up-to-date production equipment provides full working cycle from development to industrial production; 
  • electrical equipment protection devices analyzing quality parameter of electric energy has advanced usability and enhanced functionality; 
  • smart sensors and transducers don’t need additional transfer channels; 
  • system approach to power efficient lighting lay in development of high-tech controlling lamps which are connected into network without an additional costs for system channel and specialized lighting software. 
Address: Belgorod ul. Korolyova 2a, corp. 4, room 103
Director: Vladimir Yatsenko
Phone: 8 (4722) 20-19-29, 8-903-642-49-17

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