Stroitelnye materialy - BelGU

Small innovative enterprise OOO «Stroitelnye materialy - BelGU»
Was founded in 2011.

The field of work
Production of heat-insulating materials based on sponge-glass with enhanced strength property.  

Innovative solutions
  • heat-insulating and  и load-bearing structural insulating material based on sponge-glass; 
  • highly effective materials based on sponge-glass with microfillers; 
  • heat-insulating materials based on sponge-glass with specified formation. 
Application area
  • industrial construction;
  • nuclear industry;
  • gas and  oil-refining industry. 
Products and service
The enterprise produces:
  • heat insulation blocks. Size: 500x400, 400х400, 250х400 cm. Gage: 100, 80, 60 mm; 
  • feedwells and d segments 10-300 mm. 
  • foamed crumble.
Сompetitive advantage
  • materials with enhanced heat-insulating properties (thermal conductivity  - 0,04 - 0,05); 
  • effective structural behavior (compressive strength 0,9-2,0 Mpa); 
  • water saturation of  load-bearing structural insulating material, is no more than 5 %, which provides high safety of buildings. Working lifespan is unlimited.
Address: 308015 Belgorod ul. Korolyova 2a, 
Director: Igor Funikov
Phone: 8-951-132-39-47

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