Small innovative enterprise OOO «RosKerMet-BelGU»
Was founded in 2013.

The field of work
Development and production of ceramic and metalloceramic goods by powder metallurgy.  

Innovative solutions
The enterprise develops formulations and produce heat- and wearproof, highly rigid, weatherproof, eco-friendly goods from ceramic and metalloceramic composition materials based on modern scientific methods and approaches.

The enterprise has Предприятие имеет registration certificate on the know-how (“The way of producing micro- and nanoporous ceramic “ № 80, registered in Know-how Depository of BelSU  06/21/12)

Application area
Engineering, metallurgy, building industry, pharmacy, agriculture.

Products and service
The enterprise produce: wearproof, highly rigid details, muzzles for flame-yielding, air-sand nozzle и water nozzle, ceramic and hard-alloy cutters, various filters, which are capable of working in harsh environment and at high temperature.

Сompetitive advantage
Value for money factor. The production of small batch according to customer’s requirements.  

Address: 308034 Belgorod ul. Korolyova 2a, korp. 4
Director: Vyacheslav Sirota
Phone: 8-920-200-59-19

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