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Story of expedition to Kitey

During the traditional journey to Crimea BelSU history students found valuable artifacts.

This year the students, undergraduates and graduate students of BelSU historical and philological faculty, their peers studying at department of general history of the Nizhny Novgorod state university and also members of "Classical and Byzantine Tradition" group and ROO "Byzantine Club" participated in the expedition to antique city Kitey. In 1970th this expedition begun the classical archeology tradition at Belgorod State University. For those who have visited the place for the first time, the excursion was held by the chief of an expedition, the doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Nizhny Novgorod higher education institution Evgeny Molev.

Archeologists have spent three weeks on the Crimean peninsula, working at various sites. During the expedition, the students have found valuable artifacts among which were: a dish belonged to a bishop of the 6th century with a graffito cross, two lamps, a large number of glassware fragments, several bronze coins, a bronze pocket mirror, a big glass bead, a set of various vessels with traces of repair and lead brackets, a large pithos (a clay barrel), links of a bronze chain armor of the late antique soldier, two small malzamariums – clay and glass, a small censer, a set of the polished astragal, etc.

“This season was not only rich in unique finds which will be presented at the conference concerning the results of an archaeological season. We have found many supporters from Nizhny Novgorod, who are also interested in archeology”, - said the students.

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