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Projects of BelSU scientists entered top 100 of the best perspective Russian inventions

The university received 10 patents for inventions and the useful models and 20 certificates of registration of the computer programs and databases.

Among the most interesting inventions is - "A method of provision of access to the distributed information resources in the form of enterprise portals through the protected virtual environment". Inventors are scientists of BelSU: Igor Konstantinov, Sergey Lazarev, Oleg Mikhalyov, Vladimir Kiselyov and Alexander Demidov.

The invention entered TOP 100 of the best inventions in Russia.

Andrey Gladyshev, Andrey Afonin, Andrey Aleynikov, Anastasia Popova and Ivan Usaty created robotic installation for laying of a facing brick.

The group of scientists (Oleg Novikov, Evgeny Krikun, Boris Trifonov, Oleg Zakharov, Anastasia Malyutina, Vyacheslav Levchenko, Boris Kovalenko and Ekaterina Lysykh) developed the orthopedic device for powerlifting.

The computer program intended for automatization of system of observations, collection, information analysis about an atmosphere status in the territory of the Belgorod region was made by Olga Chursina and Anatoly Shamrayev. This program can be useful at the industrial enterprises.

The computer program "The electronic educational environment of educational institution" allows to construct the virtual information and education space providing information attending of educational process, implementation of electronic and remote learning and remote interaction of all participants of educational process. The group of authors worked on a know-how: Alexander Nemtsev, Vladimir Belenko, Sergey Nemtsev, Maxim Surushkin, Roman Zagorodnyuk, Andrey Shtifanov and Oleg Galtsev.

The program can be used by educational institutions as creates visual displays of forms for data entry in the form of Web pages, realizes systematization and supports storage of the entered data and provides data output according to requests of users.

The computer program of Yana Ryabtseva, Anton Posemin and Svetlana Gul is intended for the commercial enterprises which are engaged in production of concrete, plaster and cement products.

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