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Hi-Tech Day «Touch the science»

BelSU presented results of scientific research at the V Science Festival.

Science Day is 165 exhibitions all over the region, master classes, round-table conferences, games and lectures. Many events took place at BelSU.

This year at a festival special attention is paid to questions of economy and law, thanks to the educational directions of the accepting higher education institution – the Belgorod university of cooperation, economy and the right. In BUCER the traditional exhibition "Touch the Science" is settled.

The Belgorod state university presented several scientific developments at this exhibition. Including, the digital intelligent hand-camera for panoramic filming. The spherical video camera has a series of advantages among which are the advanced resolution of the image and an exception of optical distortions. Twelve cameras transfer a video stream of ultrahigh quality: thirty frames per second in the UHDTV format (4k). Thus, the integrated panoramic image is formed.

The following development – anthocyanin paint. In the world the tendency of replacement of synthetic products by natural analogs in food on anthocyanin, which is developed from flowers. Anthocyanin paint possess a series of useful properties – interfere with thrombi, reduce cholesterol level, improves vision.

Also within the exhibition the domestic program UFOModeler by BelSU Knowledge-oriented lab of information systems and technologies was presented. The presented software product is the tool for creation of imitating models of processes and the systems of the most difficult nature.

There were also intelligent optical module based on AnyCon FX5-FPGA COTTON VELVET, a device for automatic putting of solution on ceramic blocks. The listed developments – projects of Institute of engineering technologies and natural sciences, Student's Robotics and Mechatronics design office and the small innovative enterprises.

The head of BelSU Science and Innovations Office Students’ and Young Scientists research work department Alexander Zhikharev noted the importance of similar festivals for students in general. According to him, is inspire young scientists to study and create.

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