Students of BelSU found traces of an ancient settlement

During the archaeological expedition traces of the ancient settlement of the 8-9th centuries of our era have been found in the Beliy Plyos village of Veydelevka district.

During three weeks, students of historical and philological faculty of the BelSU Pedagogical Institute conduct excavation at the Beliy Plyos village. Every day future historians wash out 8 bags of soil to find traces of ancient grain to determine the variety of the cereal cultures which had been grown up by the ancient people.

During laborious work traces of a plastering, which people of that time used to warm house walls, about 600 shards of pottery, more than 40 fragments of animal bones have been found. Two lucky finds have great historical value: a fragment of a knife and spindle whorl (the freight used for weighting of yarn during the work with a spindle).

“Such excavation gives students a chance to get acquainted with history of the native land not through written sources, but through concrete manifestations of material culture”, - the associate professor of the Russian history and document science of BelSU Vladimir Sarapulkin said.

 BelSU PR Department