The governor of the region has given appreciation to the scientific and educational projects of BelSU botanical garden

During a working trip, Evgeny Savchenko has visited laboratory of biotechnology of plants and a hothouse complex of a botanical garden of the university.

The governor was accompanied by the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin, deputy governors Stanislav Aleynik, Olga Pavlova, and the mayor of Belgorod Konstantin Polezhayev.

The head of the laboratory Lyudmila Tokhtar has told guests with work of a technological complex, with all stages of receiving landing material by means of a technique of clonal reproduction. They have seen all cycle of sterile plants receiving and their transfer from laboratory to the greenhouse, and then to the open ground for gradual adaptation.

In a hothouse complex which finishes a full cycle of receiving landing material, guests were told about opportunities of the automated system which controls watering, temperature and humidity. After that, the governor of the region Evgeny Savchenko has participated in a round table meeting concerning activity of BelSU Botanical garden.

Participants of a round table – heads of the agricultural enterprises of the region – was interested with "The black book of the Belgorod region" – the project of scientists of the university who have found over 30 alien species of harmful plants. The system of monitoring of distribution of strange types will be developed that will considerably lower costs of eliminating them.

The governor of the region has suggested the director of the All-Russian institute of herbs Nikolay Sidelnikov and the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin to think over joint development of the program for creation of new collections of herbs and their further introduction in the Belgorod market.

The governor of the region has highly appreciated a role of laboratory of biotechnology of plants, having emphasized that it is "the platform where new grades, new plants are created".

“The laboratory will have enormous and scientific interest, and value for our business. It will be of use also for those who are engaged in landscape arrangement, and such agricultural projects as, say, 1 million tons of apples in the territory of the Belgorod region. Here, in laboratory of the university, we will have an opportunity to receive a clean, healthy fruit”, – the head of the region said

 BelSU PR Department