Russia and Armenia’s dialog

Inna Kas’kova, the vice chief of BelSU foreign affair department, attended a meeting of the work group. The meeting took place in a Russian Center of Culture and Science (RCCS ) in Erevan city (Armenia). “The basic tasks of a work group are processing of Russian and Armenian citizens’ documents. Selected candidates receive educational quota, determined by Russian government. Candidates should also have a personal or Skype-audition with the experts”, – said Inna. She also presented BelSU for the high school students in Photon Lyceum (Gumry city). Besides that, Inna visited Erevan State University to debrief a realization of signet report “Of event schedule of 2014”, and also a discussion of cooperation suggestions in scientific and technical spheres in 2015. Recently Erevan State University has stated in an official letter, that it is ready for cooperation. Print