Friendly attitude is the best way of adaptation

Daria Nikulina, the 5th-year student of BelSU Foreign languages Department made a research among the students of 3rd and 4th years. The 40 percent of respondents says that the most widespread problem is insufficient language skills. 20 percent had difficulties with the slang. The main irritant factors for students are: excessive pragmatism of the foreign people (62%) and reception of respondents as foreigners (30%).

Among the positive factors are: amiability and friendliness of native people (30%), their hospitability (20%), helpfulness (15%), freedom of ex * pression (14%), politeness (15%).

Students also noted an organized work of municipal workers. 30 percent highly estimated the quality of street cleaning, urban transport traffic, the work of the different social services. 10% noticed the respect for other people.

The research shows, that basic knowledge of foreign culture is not enough. All respondents had knowledge about culture, history and customs of the country, but the given information is often disagreeing with day-to-day realities. On the ground of this research author made a conclusion that the most significant factor for successful adaptation is social skills and friendly attitude to native people.