BelSU joined an IT direction of the SCOU

Information Technologies is one of the focus areas of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, and it will be put into practice at BelSU.

At 28-29 of May, the closing plenary meeting of 9th SCO Education Week “Education without borders” took place in BelSU. The SCO members discussed results of field-oriented panels, which estimated future development of seven SCOU specialists training directions. Five of them, – “Nanotechnologies”, “Regional Studies”, “Ecology”, “Economy” and “Pedagogics” are already put into practice by BelSU. The University has become a basic SCO education facility in nanotechnologies direction in 2009. This year, the board in charge of IT estimated resources of BelSU and suggested to begin IT education programs for SCOU students in this area. The principal of BelSU, Prof. Oleg Polukhin accepted a suggestion and authorized the Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Science with the development of education programs matching the criteria of SCO.
Автор: PR Department BelSU